Fiona McDougall

Designer & Bookmaker
Berlin, Toronto

Fiona McDougall

SOA & Friends: 2021

The imaginative jazz project of French vocalist and lyricist Chrystelle Maechler.
Graphic Design, Illustration

Chrystelle commissioned me to create artwork for Influences — her 4-song EP with a vintage groovy jazz style. The brief was simple — the artwork should include a photo of Chrystelle and feel modern and playful with a warm, slightly-retro vibe. Smooth rounded shapes immediately came to mind. The deliverables included a square album cover as well as a banner design for promotional applications.

This was my first time designing an album cover and I was really happy with how it turned out. Thankfully so was Chrystelle 😅

“My Dear Fiona, I really have to say it again: GREAT work, well-executed, very nice creative interpretation of the brief. I really, really enjoyed the smooth and incredibly fast turnaround. Thank you!!”

Mockup of a vinyl cover for the Influences album. The artwork is comprised of voluptuous pink and red shapes with a silhouette of Chrystelle in the center.

A banner version of the album artwork.

Cover and banner designs for Chrystelle Maechler’s Influences EP.