Fiona McDougall

Designer & Bookmaker
Berlin, Toronto

Fiona McDougall

Fondfolio: 2015 - Present

Handmade books designed to preserve memories by collecting thoughtful words and stories from loved ones.
Co-founder, Branding, Copywriting, UI/UX Design, Product Design & Creation, Photography

When my friend Tyler turned 30, my partner Matt and I helped his wife collect words from all his friends and family and together we made a book. We expected it would be fun, but didn’t anticipate the delight it generated, not just for Tyler, but for everyone involved. This joyful experience was the inspiration for Fondfolio. Since our launch in 2015, our mission has been to facilitate meaningful gift giving for special moments and relationships around the world.

Fondfolio is a self-funded venture between myself and my partner Matt (he handles any major web development and is my sounding board for all important decisions). I make each book by hand and manage all of the day to day operations as well as planning for and thinking about the future.

We’re not a big corporation, nor do we aspire to be — few things get better with scale. Maybe one day I’ll have a modest team, but for now I’m okay with my impact being small — I really enjoy the time that goes into creating a handmade product.

We continue to be delighted and encouraged by the responses from our customers.

“I was beyond blown away by my Fondfolio, which I got for my birthday. It moved me to tears. It is such a gorgeous book - a physical manifestation of love. I am STILL glowing from it and will treasure it for the rest of my life : ) I am so grateful to Fiona for her loving care in putting it together! It is truly the best gift I've ever received.”
— Leanne M, Toronto

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One of our books, opened against a pale yellow background. The covers are made from walnut wood, the book is coptic bound with red stitching.

Two coptic-bound books one maple, one walnut lay on top of each other against a rose pink background.

A large maple coptic bound fondfolio book with a custom maple slip case sits against a pale yellow background. The book has red stitching.

Some examples of the books we make. Each one is made to order by hand, including the custom slip case.

A screenshot from our web app showing the dashboard where users can see the Fondfolios they’ve created.

A screenshot from our web app showing the details edit screen where the title and questions of the Fondfolio can be updated.

Shots from our web app where users manage their Fondfolios — edit the questions and contributions.

The homepage of our marketing website.

A testimonial on the homepage of our marketing website.

Shots from our marketing website.